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Software testing is a process to evaluate if the functionality of a product meets the specified requirements of the client or not after it has been developed. It is crucial to test the software before it is delivered in the market or to the client.


About ASTAQC Consulting


The company was founded in 2018, headquartered in Mumbai and has offices all across the United States. They deal with 360-degree software testing services and quality assurance services for SMEs across industries. Specialized in an end-to-end solution, the firm is a tight-knit of professionals working together on building efficient testing strategies. Desperate to bring change in the industry, the company works with a passion for catering to their client’s needs.


ASTAQC Consulting has an experienced team to allocate and deliver results that meets clients requirements. This company has a fortress of experience in offering success through extensive quality assurance.


The Process of GoodFirms


GoodFirms is an online portal helping seekers to find the best testing companies that offer exceptional solutions. The companies listed on the website are strictly evaluated on parameters such as Quality, Reliability, and Ability. These parameters help prospects find a reliable testing partner for their product.


GoodFirms evaluated ASTAQC Consulting using the same methodology and found the firm doing extraordinary work in the software testing field. Thriving to offer assured quality, the firm complements their client’s development. Read about a brief extract about the company below:


Software Testing


The firm excels in transforming their client’s vision into creative results. The software testers work with excellent dedication and ethics to offer the best quality services as well as ensure building strong client relationships. The company takes pride in delivering quality results in software testing services. The inherent timely execution is sure to help clients achieve goals and shape the client’s business needs. ASTAQC Consulting aims to provide relief and reduce the burden testing in order to bring out the best results.


The firm accesses its client’s end-goal minutely to complete the implementation of strategies. The testing strategy for this company is unique; it aims to build a bridge of understanding with detailed explanations of their planned tests. They draw a detailed roadmap that completes each task and propel the software. The incredible team leaves no stone unturned by continuously trying to push boundaries. These reasons have led the firm to rank as the best software testing company in Portland at GoodFirms.


Manual Testing


The launch of any application before it arrives in the market requires testing to find any core performance issues. This testing is carried out manually to find defects in the software without the usage of tools. ASTAQC team understands the importance of manual testing. The aesthetics value of the team engages clients to help them with the software testing process and verifying the responses of data. The vigilant testers from the firm capture appearance and other necessities of product in each phase.


The process of manual testing verifies the product, its features and responsiveness. The different phases of the whole testing process are decided by the firm as per the requirement. Three testing pillars to proceed with the testing process are attention to every pixel of UI, detailed analysis of data, and verifying the overall functionality of the product. Thus the ability to understand the client’s perspective and then offering result-driven solutions, will soon make the firm rank among the top manual testing companies at GoodFirms.


Automated Testing


Automated testing involves the usage of tools for testing purposes. ASTAQC has an exceptional team of professionals that offers exceptional services in various testing such as UI/UX Testing, Performance Testing, and Security Testing methods. With attention to detail in performing their task, the firm works with a quick turnaround framework. Moreover, the company believes in crafting out of the box solutions to ensure testing is performed well to fix any probable issue. While working with this firm, the clients can be rest assured for results as they are under expert’s guidance.


The company clearly understands the functioning of the overall product to alleviate the burden of testing from their clients. The firm swiftly achieves deadlines with their smooth workflow. Above all, they play a major role in helping companies achieve their goals. Offering a full scope of automated testing services, the firm can be expected to rank among the esteemed automation testing companies at GoodFirms.



About GoodFirms

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