Development with Agile Methodology

Development with Agile Methodology

agile methodology

What is an Agile Methodology?

Development with Agile Methodology, Agile Methodologies are based on synergetic, adaptive, and plant principles. It has taken the software development world by a squall and swiftly soldered its place. Also, these include adaptive planning, premature delivery, and continuous improvement, all with an eye toward being able to acknowledge changes speedily and skillfully.

What are the phases in an Agile Methodology?

The Agile Methodology is a new way of implementing a project and moving it into production. Here the process is quite flexible in nature. In this method, also flexibility is provided throughout the implementation. This new way of project implementation is generally reversible in nature. Also, this new way of project implementation goes through the phases of conception, initiation, analysis, design, construction, testing, deployment, and maintenance.

agile model

A brief about the roles and responsibilities of the members in the scrum team?

Product Owner/Business Analyst- These are people who gather requirements from the client and break them into pure business requirements and explain the feature to his/her team.

Architects- These are technical people who the in and out of development and help the team during the entire process of implementation

Developer- These are people who develop or write code for the entire application/feature or product

Quality Analyst(QA)- These are people who test the feature and raise bugs and issues so that the developer can resolve them. They also create test cases or scenarios which helps the product manager of a business analyst to think whether they have thought about all scenarios or not before moving the feature to production

Scrum Master- Scrum Master can be anyone from the team who helps in facilitating the issues or roadblocks of the members in the team

Agile team in Scrum

A brief about Requirements Freezing in an Agile Methodology?

In this phase, the product owner or project manager meets the clients or stakeholders and discusses the various opportunities. Also, in this phase a proper brainstorming of the solution takes place. A person should also be able to think through the entire mechanism. Here the product owner tries to understand the requirements of the client. The projects take into consideration the scope he or his team has. He then tries to freeze the requirements.

A brief about Development in an Agile Methodology?

As the name suggests this is the phase where the entire development of the product or application or feature happens. Also after the system design has been done this is next in line. All hardware and software specifications are frozen. The piece of code for different functionalities also has to be written here. The code is allowed to be pushed for testing after this phase. Developers write their individual units of code. Integration is done after that. Before integration developers should make sure to do unit testing. This process can again after the testing phase

A brief about Unit Testing in an Agile Methodology?

As mentioned before moving the code for testing and for the master integration, this step has to be performed. This step holds a lot of value in the process of a successful project. In this process, a developer tests his/her small unit of code and hence the name unit testing. This phase serves as a bridge between two teams. These teams are the Development and Quality Assurance Team. This process can come again after the testing phase

A brief about UAT in an Agile Methodology?

This phase is a must for any successful completion of a project. UAT stands for User Acceptance Testing. In this phase generally, the user handles the end to end system. This is the first time when the client gets to work and use the system. Proper care has to be taken in this phase. Quick and regular fixes are required in this phase. If this phase is not carried out properly in a timely manner, client satisfaction is something that might take a hit. User Acceptance Testing has always been an important phase in the entire Software Development Life Cycle of a project.

UAT in Agile Methodology

A brief about Maintenance in an Agile Methodology?

Maintenance in the new agile method is something that happens after the project implementation. The client receives constant support. The support is required to help them build a stable system for themselves. This phase is also quite necessary and crucial to help retain customers in the company. The company might lead to churn.

How does Agile help in saving money?

It conserves your money by testing smarter. It saves you, staff, by providing ongoing unification between development and testing. By focusing on business utility with every pursuit, a development team subsides the risk of cost overruns and avoids exquisite activities that do not furnish value.

A brief of Agile vs Waterfall?

The main welfare is the capacity to change progressively to the customers’ wants and requisites. Focus is on the facets that are of the highest utility to the customer. A short-fixed timeline that allows for prompt evaluation from the customer and the potential to budge deliverables into production.

Agile Vs. Waterfall

A brief about Astaqc Consulting

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This article covered the process of an Agile Methodology. It helped us learn the phases of Agile. It also helped us know what exactly happens in each phase. We learned what members are involved in the phase. Companies are moving to methods that are quicker and more flexible. The new methodologies are gaining more popularity in terms of usage and return on investment. All kinds of industries that prefer different approaches based on business requirements.

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