Top 15 Things to Note While Testing A Web Application

Feb 27, 2020 2:54:32 AM | by Kajal Jain


Testing a Web Application before it is released is a step that no company can skip.

All modern businesses like to engage their users through digital channels. Therefore, they are always on the lookout for cost-effective ways to communicate with target markets, enable quick and secure transactions, and offer access to useful information.

We believe web applications are the perfect way to do all this and much more!

Benefits of Web Application 

  1. They are easily accessible through multiple devices.
  2. There is no need to download or install them, so you save on memory space. 
  3. They offer reduced software piracy in subscription-based web applications (i.e., SaaS)
  4. They are a cost-effective solution with lower maintenance and access costs. 

While businesses appreciate the privileges that web apps bring along, the question remains how many actually get them right? The answer is not many!

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Benefits of Web App Testing

Web application testing allows an app development team to adapt a web app to meet actual customer requirements after running it through a testing phase.

While it is a crucial stage in every web application development process, Web App Testing can be a bit intimidating for businesses, especially in the case of small projects.  In addition, we may often see it as an overhead on the budget but this may cause serious damage later. Resultantly, small business conveniently overlooks the vivid advantages that effective web application testing brings along. 


"Software testing is easy until things start to break."

Astaqc offers cost-effective end to end web application testing services that help companies to scale new heights with stellar app products, in the markets they function.  Therefore, we follow a multi-faceted testing process to test Web Apps. In other words, we cater to the ever-evolving needs of businesses in most proficient ways through our web application testing services.

Here are the essential aspects that web app testing entails:

  • Web Application Testing
    • Quality Checklist for your Web App Testing
    • Desktop Application Testing vs. Web App Testing
    • Web App Testing: An Expense or Saving?


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